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New Announcement
With the grace and blessings of Allah (SWT), we at are happy to announce that Apple has approved the Apple iPhone version of Stories of the Prophets in Al-Quran for sale and download from iTunes App Store. The current Volume 1 covers the first ten chapters of the PDF version. InshaAllah we'll be submitting Volume 2 and Volume 3 within one month. The iPhone version has...
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Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Awareness 2011
The CMMI Awareness talk has been held at Surau eNCoral on 7th July 2011. The talk was given by Hafiz Ibrahim from Energized. This talk is purposely to give awareness to the eNCoral staff about CMMI , and at the same time promoting the benefit of the CMMI to the Company. During the talk the speaker has given an overview about CMMI . Basically the Capability Maturity Model Integration ...
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eNCoral commemorate staff in a bit Grand Annual Dinner 2011
  Putrajaya 8 Mac 2011. eNCoral Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd has organized Annual Dinner as a gesture to say thanks for all the support and dedication of the staff and family members. More than 400 staff with their family members turned up as early as 8pm at Dewan Siantan, Putrajaya Holding Complex, Putrajaya.  Encik Ghazali from Sysnet Dept and Puan Zurruhasaini from Sales...
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Update Encoral Bowling Tournament 2010
On October 9,  eNCoral held bowling tournament . This competition was held in order to  consolidate interrelationship with our customers. Customer who participated in this competition are from UPM SGS, MITI, MOF, ICU JPM, KLN, KDN, SPP, SPA and MASTIC. Here the result of competition : High Score by game category. (This category is counted based on...
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Encoral Bowling Tournament 2010
  We are inviting our customers to join and participate in Encoral Bowling Tournament 2010.The event will be held at Alamanda Putrajaya, 28-03 / 24-04 / 29-05 / 26-06-2010.
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