Tomcat Administration Tomcat Administration

Tomcat Administration





This course emphasizes best practices, how to utilize Apache Tomcat in large scale deployments, application deployment strategies, software provisioning and the fundamentals of Apache Tomcat configuration. This interactive course is geared towards Systems Administrators interested in installing, configuring and monitoring their Web infrastructure as well as System Integrators deploying Apache Tomcat in enterprise environments.



  • Introducing Tomcat
  • Installing Tomcat
  • Examining Tomcat's Directories
  • Working with Tomcat's Configuration Files
  • Administering Web Applications
  • Using Tomcat's Administration Tools
  • Configuring Tomcat
  • Understanding Tomcat's Class Loaders
  • Using Tomcat's Connectors
  • Connecting to Databases Using JDBC
  • Working with User Authentication
  • Securing Tomcat
  • Implementing Shared Tomcat Hosting
  • Testing Tomcat's Performance