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Oracle Database Integrator (ODI)

Why eNCoral Advance Support Services (eNCASS) ?

eNCoral Advance Support Services (eNCASS) gives you the freedom to focus on your core business by letting eNCoral manages your Oracle database environment. By leveraging eNCoral's industry leading experience with Oracle database along with cost effective support, the service gives the results you expect: Oracle databases that are up and running faster, cheaper and more efficient.

We deliver expert services to help customers with managing and maintaining their Oracle environments (Database), allowing for more proactive service and problem avoidance. We also help the customer to plan for system maintenance and enhancements, helping your organization to not only prevent problems but also to minimize risk.

We will not only improve the performance of your system, but also help you serve your customers more effectively.
Our Service Package Our service package designed to help customer to:
  • Maintain and manage your Oracle Database either thru the remote approach (Our Web Conference) and Oracle Enterprise Manager) or with the traditional mode – on site support.
  • Optimize and utilize the usage and capability of their Oracle Database - maximize the ROI.
  • Overcome the issues of not having the dedicated and well trained DBA to manage and monitor the database.
  • Prevent and resolve the Issues before it become a problem.
We provide a portfolio of solutions and advisory support services for customer's business-critical database and applications environments. We can help customer to prevent problems and minimize risk; improve the performance of your database and the system, allowing customer to serve your customer internal or external more effectively.


We help you achieve the following:
  • Faster return on your Oracle investment.
  • High reliability, availability, and serviceability of Oracle products (Oracle Database).
  • More effective utilization of your IT staff.
  • Problem avoidance through proactive service delivery.

What Will You Get

We offers the following Services:
  • Assisted services

    - Customized assistance for support, enhancements and improving processes.
  • Technical Assessments

    - Configuration and performance analysis with focused service delivery reviews.
  • Business Critical Assistance

    - Additional services for personalized support and proactive recommendations.
We have proven our expertise in applying IT to offer the best possible solutions to our customer. The features of our offering can be customized to suit your needs.
  1. StarterPack
  2. StarterPack Basic
  3. StarterPack Plus
  4. BasicPack
  5. BasicPack Plus
  6. AdvancedPack

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