System Network (SYSNET)

eNCoral provides full range data center services such as UPS, HVAC, VESDA and EMS. We also provide IPS, Load/ Link Balancer, IPAM/NAC/DNS/DHCP, WAN Optimizer/Accelerator, and SIEM.

Offers complete range of IT solutions and servicesSYSNET
At eNCoral, we offers a complete range of Information Technology solutions and services specifically in Network and Security to match the need of today’s forward thinking global businesses. Our team is situated all over Malaysia enable us to support our clients from and to anywhere in the country


Our team are high breed, well-experienced and well-trained engineers who are well adapted to support legacy, current and emerging technologies. Among services provided by our engineers are :-


Over time, we grew and have acquired the skills and abilities that are recognized internationally. Below are our main focus in DNS service :-